Welcome to Sunshine de lites!

The all-natural solution for your skincare needs! Sunshine de lites is more than just a business; it is the manifestation of my commitment to skincare due to the challenges I encountered.  The reason I am confident about the results you will achieve is because I was my first customer! 

hand crafted body butter, shea butter, lotion made to order small batch

My Story

Hi, my name is Sabrina Johnson, I am the Founder/CEO of Sunshine de lites, the organic, chemical-free, exceptional skincare products.  I have always had extremely sensitive skin.

I consulted with multiple dermatologists and specialists to solve my skin sensitivities. Unfortunately, despite their best efforts, I did not see any notable changes in my skin condition. Hence, I decided to take a different approach. 

The Revelation

Research into available products helped me realize how chemical-heavy everything I had been using thus far was; it was no wonder my sensitive skin never caught a break! 

Creating Sunshine de lites

The reality check influenced me to create skincare products myself to solve my dry skin concerns. This decision led me to birth Sunshine de lites; a brand with organic and all-natural skincare products. 

I began working on skincare products that are rejuvenating for all skin types.  I have created products for individuals with sensitive skin, eczema, and other skin conditions that are difficult to treat.  I have also ensured that my products work well for healthy skin because I want my brand to be for everyone.

Having struggled due to a lack of suitable products for years, I know how critical it is to trust that your skincare products will not harm you.

sunshine delites lotion cream butter for face smiling

Sunshine de lites' Brand Promise

With Sunshine de lites, you will never have to worry about chemical reactions because I have a 'no-chemical policy' for the brand's skincare products. These all-natural products have been handcrafted and made with love for people of all ages, genders, and skin types.

The carefully selected ingredients will give you soft, healthy, radiant skin and an organic pleasant aroma. 


Our company upholds only the highest level of integrity, which is key to customer loyalty.  Our company specializes in natural beauty skin care, free of all chemicals. We value our customers and aim to restore that youthful skin texture through organic products. 

Key features of Sunshine de lites' products:

100% Organic

Sustainably Sourced




The journey to better skincare starts with Sunshine de lites and self care!